Thursday, 29 September 2011

His and Hers

She closed her eyes to shut out the bright light from the bulb hanging over her bed, screwing her face up into a cute little pout. With the darkness came a new appreciation for her other senses, and she focused even more on the buzzing plastic in her hand, pressing against her pink, swollen clit.

He groaned, watching her toying with herself only a few feet from him. He longed to be inside her, but she wanted to tease him for now. All he could do was watch her, and pleasure himself. Dreaming of her warm, wet pussy, he reach down, freeing his throbbing cock from his boxers and wrapping his fingers around it tightly. The veins swelled slightly as he squeezed, and the head flushed a deeper purple. With another low groan of longing, he started to move his hand up and down the shaft, eyes still fixed on her clit.

Her breath came in short bursts, her breasts heaving as her body reacted to the bullet vibe. Pleasure coarsed through her body from her throbbing clit, making her twitch and shiver, every muscle spasming as she pushed herself closer and closer to the limit. Her nipples were erect, seeming to pulse in time with her clit, and her tight cunt flooded down from her labia, juices spilling over her asshole to soak the bedsheets beneath.

His nose twitched, absorbing her faint smell from across the room. His hand sped up, his own body shuddering as he watched and jacked off. His cock was slippery from precum, but he ignored it, speeding up. His shoulders were a little tense, his left fist clenched hard next to him as his right hand moved on his shaft. He groaned again, desperate for her, but forcing himself to stay in the chair.

She came first. A few whimpers, moans, some panting, and then suddenly she yelped, and let out a low, sustained scream. Stuffing her own knuckles into her mouth to try and stifle her ecstasy, she lay on the bed, her pussy squirting a little as the full force of her orgasm pressed into her. Behind her eyeslids, her eyes rolled back into her head, and she moaned a few blasphemous obscenities, unintelligible but heartfelt. The vibe thrummed in her palm, still jammed against her clit, never giving her a second of relief

He couldn’t take it, and as she started to cum, he got up and moved over to her quickly. With a few final tugs, he felt himself tense again, harder than ever, groaning, his legs seizing up and his feet bending slightly, and then he started to spurt his hot cum, straight across her face, as she lay still whimpering next to him...

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