Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Hello, and welcome to my blog.

Although this is going to be an erotic blog, I thought I’d make the first post of the blog non-sexual. Instead, I thought I would explain what I’m hoping to achieve. So, think of this as a layout of intentions, a description of things to come if all goes well. Or you could call it a warning, if you wanted.

This blog will be dedicated to erotica. Erotica, sensuality, ribaldry, pornography, whatever you would like to call it; I’m not going to debate semantics, and to be honest, I might well wind up writing things on this blog that could go in all of those categories. What is important is that this site will be explicit, detailed, and as sexy as possible.

There is a plethora of online blogs with sexual pictures or gifs; there seems to be a niche for a text-based sexual blog - especially one that is discrete and innocent enough that a casual glance from a coworker, a student in the library or a disapproving parent doesn’t reveal anything too obvious on your screen.

I know there are sites like Literotica, with plenty of sexual stories available for free. However, I’m not aiming to provide full stories (yet). More what I’m providing is brief snapshots, images, characters, a little bit of a scene, to get your imagination running away with you. This blog is meant to be more like a nude photo than a porn film; a little classier, and it relies on your imagination to do some of the work.

I’d love for this to become quite popular. I find that the written word can be incredibly erotic, and I think that there are many others out there who would agree. Ultimately, I’d love to move from Blogspot onto a full, independent site, with regular updates, space for other posters, forums, possibly chat-rooms, and - arguably most importantly - a space for e-books. I’ve got quite a few ideas for stories that are too long to post easily into a blog, but that I’d still love to share with everyone.

In the mean time though, I need to build followers, so please recommend anyone you can think of, and check back regularly. The more people who read this, the quicker a little community builds, and the faster I can move to another site, and write longer pieces.

Anyway. Heartfelt pleas for support over, I hope you enjoy the site. There will be another post soon after this one - a post more in keeping in why you’re all here, no doubt.

Bon voyage!


  1. Now this is actually innovative... anyone else my age? Remember text-based erotic games for the ZX Spectrum? No? Well, it worked and so will this.

    Kudos for starting this and thanks for letting me know. I have ideas for this, SC - IDEAS, I tells you... :)

  2. awwwww, yaaaahhhh. I am looking forward to more posts :)