Tuesday, 27 September 2011


He smirked at her, stroking her cheek and slapping his cock on her full, perfect breasts. Her nipples, a dark pink colour, were already erect, and he rubbed himself over them with relish. Pre-cum rubbed off and left a shiny wet patch glistening on her skin; he barely noticed as he shifted position.

He knelt above her chest, one knee placed on each side of her chest, his cock throbbing on her breasts. He looked down at her, lying back on the white satin sheets of the hotel room, and with a nod from him, she knew what she was to do. Reaching up, she pushed her tits together, two plump globes of flesh to be used.

He didn’t waste any time, leaning forward and pushing his cock against the base of her tits. His throbbing meat found the gap there and slipped easily through, so his purple head appeared above her cleavage, close to her mouth. She strained her neck, trying to reach his cock, to suck the very tip, but it was just too far. Instead, she laid her head on the pillow, pouting up at him.

He chuckled to himself, both proud and amused of his little whore, so upset that she couldn’t please him further. He reached out and laid his second palm against the headboard, and started to thrust, faster, deeper, grunting with the effort and the pleasure that came. She moaned a little beneath him, feeling the dampness between her legs, but unable to please herself. As it was, she just had to watch his face, contorted with exertion and with lust, as he fucked her ample tits.

“Ohhh, god, fuck yes, you dirty little slut” he moaned, watching his fucktoy as she strained, over and over, to suck the head of his cock with each thrust. She couldn’t manage, but still she tried. Finally, in desperation, she pushed her tongue out, trying to lick him, even if she couldn’t suck.

He yelped in surprise as her tongue rubbed over the slit at the end of his cock. The pleasure surged through him, unexpected and unbearable, making his skin tingle and his muscles tense and his mind melt into nothingness. His orgasm hit him hard, and his cock throbbed between her tits just once, before starting to pump his cum, into her mouth, across her face, into her hair, onto her chest, covering her, marking her as his...

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