Wednesday, 21 September 2011

First Time...

The candles dotted around the room flickered gently, burning up and dying back in an erratic but beautiful shimmer of ever-changing light. The fragrant dancing glow around the room gave their skin a faint red tinge that only added to the beauty captured in that moment.

Without saying a word, she reached down and pulled her tshirt over her head. The black fabric clung to her, tangled in her hair as it struggled to stay on, but a second clumsy tug brought it off, and she tossed it aside. Standing topless in front of him, she could feel her nipples start to harden slightly in excitement, and she was acutely aware of the wetness and emptiness between her legs. She blushed when she saw him stare, and looked down, away to the side, overcome with momentary anxiety.

She stood before him, naked save for a thin, black thong. Her hair hung across her face, turned away anxiously as she stood. She was simultaneously sultry and vulnerable, beautiful and innocent, timeless but so young. Her thin waist; the gentle curve of her side; her large puffy nipples, dark in the candlelight; her long, soft hair. Every inch of her was perfect, and he knew he wanted her.

“You are so beautiful”, he whispered, unfastening his belt and letting his jeans fall to the floor. His body was lean, but nowhere near as toned as he would have liked, and he too looked away, just as shy as her. He felt his heart soar as she gasped, and moved towards him desperately.

He felt her arms around him, and he turned his face to hers. His hands dropped to her hips and gently stroked her skin as their lips brushed together. He felt her hands on his cheeks, pulling him in, and they kissed more passionately, lips parting and tongues darting forward to each other.

When they pulled back, they gazed into one another's eyes with fierce longing, and he reached down to pull his boxers away. His thick, veined cock pulsed gently between them, and they paused for a second, both considering it.

She dropped swiftly to her knees, and grabbed the shaft, her hands just brushing the head. She smiled up at him, more than used to doing this, and began sliding her hand gently back from the tip slowly, teasing him, leaning forwards to lay a soft kiss on the tip, a soft lick of the underside.

In moments, she was overcome by the moment, and started to noisily and greedily suck him as one hand moved to rub her clit. He grunted for a few seconds, stroking her hair, before finally pulling back from her, and reaching down to help her to her feet.

“Not now” he said, his hands gentle as he moved her to the bed. She fell onto the bed, rolling onto her back and pulling her legs up. Quickly, she stripped out of her thong and, blushing again, let it drop to the floor. She threw it away, and rolled onto her back, biting her lip as she spread her legs. He shook his head again, amazed he had won someone so beautiful, and climbed onto the bed, on top of her.

Their skin felt so hot next to one another, but they didn’t care; they needed each other. He looked down, clumsily grabbing his cock and pressing the tip to her pussy lips. A shared intake of breath, a shared sense of nervous excitement and anticipation, and a shared relief as he pushed into her.

She was so wet, he slipped in with little resistance. She felt her body stretch to take him in, and she moaned quietly into his shoulder. Her hands were tight on his body, fingernails digging in to leave red marks even as her knuckles went white from the strain of clenching so hard. They both groaned as his cock pushed up against her cervix, and he stopped, holding himself against her. They kissed again, softly, enjoying the experience, enjoying the first time they were together...

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